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Alignment station labels


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So, i have see this before and I usually just try to orient my text so that the problem doesn't manifest itself but I still can't figure out why the label behaves this way.


if i drag the label past the perpendicular point of it's origin, it flips the text portion to the opposite side of the leader.  I am not even sure why this would be the default.


I have tried the readability options and other settings but it doesn't change the flip


I have attached 2 pics to illustrate the problem. 




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This will happen no matter what version of AutoCAD you use. It's trying to make the leader readable based on the angle of the text. Once the insertion point of the text passes the head of the arrow, the text alignment will shift. Generally, from an aesthetic standpoint, this means the text is too close to the target.


To get some other arrangement, you can explode the multileader, change the leader's attachment type or location, move the text, adjust the landing distance, or rotate it. I say "other" arrangement because there is no "correct" or "right" arrangement. As far as I know, there is no way to make AutoCAD behave differently.

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These are not multileaders.  They are alignment labels which means they have dynamic text attributes for the stations and offsets shown.  Exploding them will break them. 

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"I stand by my misstatement." You're going to get the same behavior whether it's a multileader or a station label.


What do you want these labels to do (or not do), exactly? Do you have the option to change the attachment point? It's been a while since I used Civil 3D and I don't have a copy to test my theories.


What about the "origin" point? Do you select that or is it calculated based on the feature you're labeling?

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