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Getting the Color of and Object after using compare method in AutoCAD 2019

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Hi everyone, 

Im new here.

I have a project that will be using the "-compare" method of autocad 2019.

a.dwg -> master file

b.dwg -> to be compared to the master file

after the compare method, autocad will then create a third drawing showing the differences between two drawings. Red objects are objects that are present in the master file but in incorrect position while the green objects are objects that are not present in the master file.


I want to get the number of red colored objects and green colored objects.


my problem is that after the compare method these objects will now be treated as "block reference" and their color is now turned to white (255,255,255) even though it is seen red.

Is there anyway I can get the number of reds and greens even though it is not an individual objects anymore?





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