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Stretch Dims in Microstation


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Can anyone answer why MicroStation will NOT stretch dimension lines?  This is very very very frustrating.  It will stretch everything else excep the dim line.



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Sorry about the late reply.  Was out of country on vacation.  V8i I believe that is all it says after MicroStation.  It also says (SELECT series 2).  Not a big deal I can stretch dims.  Just makes me dislike another thing about MicroStation that's all.  Just wish it acted more like AutoCAD.  I could do just about everything in AutoCAD with 8 commands.  I am much much much much more efficient with AutoCAD vs MicroStation.  Don't hate the software just wish I worked a bit differently.

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MicroStation is great once you get used to it.


You can stretch dimensions in v8i but you have to use the handles (grips in AutoCAD).


If you don't see any grips then they are turned off. To turn them on see this page:



If you don't see the "Element Selection Toolbox" use the keyin: POPSET ON

You should keep that on at all times as it offers different tools and options for selection objects.

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I have been liking it for the most part.  I think what is frustrating is that I wanted to be able to use the stretch command how you can in AutoCAD where you can highlight the dims and stretch them all at once.  That is a much easier than having to move each one individually.  


I do have popset on but I just need to remember that there are some things that AutoCAD does better than MS and some theings that MS does better than AutoCAD.  Just wish I could combine the two.

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Maybe I need to learn to make a CAD program that combines the best of both worlds and make so monies.  Yeah it did work.  I kinda figured that would be my only option since the way I was hoping would not work the way I hoped.  Thank for you help.


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Microstation is finicky and more designed for mouse-only inputs.  It's just a matter of how to find the buttons and figuring out what options you have when you right click stuff.

I used V8i many times for corps of engineers jobs.


In some cases I needed to import details I had already drawn in AutoCAD.

For those, microstation does have an import feature that allows you to import DWG's.  If that doesn't work you can always plot to PDF in AutoCAD and insert the PDF in microstation as a last resort.  So if you have details and you know you can easily draw them in autocad that might be a good option.


You can always experiment importing a DWG to see how it works.  It's never perfect but usually it's fine.


As long as the final microstation print looks fine and to correct scale usually the client doesn't mind how you get there.


Once you get more familiar with microstation it gets a lot easier.


One trouble I had early on was how to print/plot to PDF.

But once you wrap your head around how it works it's actually not bad.

One cool feature of microstation is you can set specific layers or objects as the printing extents - even lines of certain linetypes if you needed.

Well, that and I had trouble at first figuring out how to assign the standard plot style.


I hope I never have to see microstation again though to be quite honest.

Mainly because their customer service sucked and it's way overpriced for what you get.

Just getting a subscription for a few months is like filling out mortgage paperwork.  The packets are like 20 something pages long.

Then you have to coordinate to sign all the documentation and agree to the terms twice - once before they sign.  Then again after microstation signs the agreement.


Plus, if you use the software past your subscription date on accident or someone else installs the same serial number and uses the program for whatever reason they can charge you for a whole other subscription without telling you. 


They actually monitor your time in the program down to the minute.  And even with a subscription if you go over your weekly time allowance or whatever you get fees tacked on.


There is no way to purchase the software outright it's all subscription based.  So they force you into that overpriced cycle of being terrified to even use the program in fear of getting fees tacked on.  They warn you about all this before even giving you access to the software even though you have already paid lol.



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Forgot - One good thing to remember about cross-compatability is that microstation generally will import DWG files just fine.  But microstation DGN files will not necessarily import or convert to AutoCAD DWG.  And even if it does, many objects will be missing just because certain objects in microstation have no autocad equivalent for conversion.



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Yeah just more reasons to favor one over the other.  If given the choice I would def not buy or use MicroStation outside of the company that pays me to use it.  Just don't think its very good CAD software.

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Well it's OK software it's just so different from autocad and there is no command line.

The number of times I've accidentally tried to type in an autocad command in microstation...  lol


Once you get used to how a typical workflow operates in microstation (stumbling through it if you have to) and you finish one sheet it gets easier.


The government uses microstation for specific facilities and installations on military bases critical to national security and for those they will usually specify microstation be used in the contract documents since all projects for that site are already in microstation and won't properly convert to autocad.


Whether Bentley designed the software to prevent it from being autocad importable from the very beginning is debatable I guess.  But it is to their benefit.


Also, in some cases before I would even buy a subscription Bentley would already know the project name, project number and were ready to work with me on the first phone call.

Still don't know how they had all those specifics before I even started doing design work.  I mean, the site was for missile defense, so the specifics shouldn't have been public knowledge.  Very odd.


When I called them to ask about the software it was almost like they already knew I was going to call - like they knew we were going to be a new customer.  They somehow had the project name/number up before I even told them who I was.



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Use the "Modify" command. Shortcut is 71 on the keypad, select the Dimension part you want to move and it will move. Example, if you select the dim line it will move only. If you choose the extension line it will only move. What ever you pick on that dimension will move only. This can be applied to lots of things including text.

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