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Living Area Arrangement


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I would like to have your comments on this work-in-progress layout especially the granny's flat living area, the living room seat arrangement and the main en suite. 


I am also posting the project in pdf and cad for easy re-modelling or comments. 


Thanks in advance for your input. 



CEL 01a FF.png

CEL 01a GF.jpg

CEL 01a General Arrangemnt.dwg

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Looks good as a first impression, I'm not sure about having beds directly under the windows, it makes it difficult to open/close the windows and curtains or would you use blinds, I would personally have the beds against internal walls, possibly the same wall as the door (but thats just personal choice). A few more windows on the first floor (some areas have no natural light). And I'm not a fan of very narrow windows, plus in many countries there are regulations about the area of glass for area of floor in rooms.

Technically: in nit picking mode, there are no door frames and you have a few spots where doors are shown directly up against perpendicular walls (ensuite-bedroom5). There is an opening in the corner between the corner column and wall (WC - kitchen ground floor) which looks like an editing error rather than ventilation 😜 seeing as you have walls overlapping the columns in the hallway outside that WC. Two beams shown dotted by the garage entrance? and some lonely lines floating around the toilet - bidet blocks.

Otherwise it's better than a lot of drawings I see and work from. It would be nice to see some elevations.

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The windows above the beds could be located above the headboard and be of the casement, sliding or awning style.  


I think the fact that there are no closets in many of the bedrooms would be a negative.  The huge walk-in closet on the first floor is overkill (unless you are married to my sister in which case it isn't big enough).

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Interesting layout for sure. So this "house" has a rental unit on the back side? I agree in that I am sure the windows in front of the beds are probably casement style, higher on the wall than a normal window. I am sure this is in Europe where house usually don't have closets and just use wardrobes, to each their own. I'd turn that main unit pantry room into a pantry/laundry room. Loved to see some elevations and a 3D model. Good start.



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