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No current drawing file name or path displayed

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Another Job so new PC with new clean CAD installation to fix. So new problem: -


When I open a drawing I cannot see file name or drawing path anywhere and appear to be stuck in single drawing mode which I don't mind. I just want to see the current file name somewhere within AutoCAD so I don't accidentally modify the wrong version when working on multiple versions. Any ideas on hoe to display the CAD file name at the top of the AutoCAD window.


Loosing will to live already so a simple quick answer would be much appreciated.

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It should be there. The only option I can think of concerning that is whether or not to display the full file path which might make it too long to show the file name. If this is the case, see screen shot below.



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If you maximize the drawing window, the name of the file should appear in the title bar.


Jeepers, I thought SDI went out with Release 14....

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I thought you had a solution or were gone from what you said about needing a quick response.


Is AutoCAD maximized?


Are your monitor settings adjusted so that some of your screen is beyond the extents of the monitor?


Post a screen shot of your AutoCAD.

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Does that mean you do see it when the window is not maximized?


I've seen this recently in the Autodesk forum. I think it has something to do with display scaling for 4K monitors?

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I had the same problem and solved it this way:

With "Drafting and Annotation" view --> View --> File Tabs (icon is like a folder).

It shows the file names now. Hope this helps!

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