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What you guys think of this Fiverr website?


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So I recently saw a youtube video about this website called Fiverr which is for freelance creators, graphic artists, etc..




Some of these guys do some incredible work.  Prices vary based on the project and the rates of each artist.

It's kind of a neat idea for a jumping-off point for anyone wanting to get into freelance CAD or modeling stuff on whatever software platform(s) you are most proficient with.


Some of these creators do solidworks modeling, cad modeling, etc..

I seriously doubt one could sustain it as a full-time gig but I thought I would share in case anyone wanted to try it out (in terms of 2d/3d modeling, Autocad, solidworks, etc..)


Here's a link to the youtube video I was talking about.



This might be a good starting point for anyone just wanting to do a few small side jobs for some extra cash. 

Getting those first few clients for a fledgling drafting business can be challenging.





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Fun but in the end there's always someone else to do the job for you. Unless it's some weird obscure niche service that somehow has clients waiting. Clearly normally you have to force the first 10-20 orders so the system makes you float a bit. You force it either by advertising yourself somewhere else or by cheating. After that of course you get consistent orders.

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