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Insert pdf without a scale


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Hi all,

I'm trying to get a scale for an prospective switch that is going on a 69kV switch at a substation. It's a pdf and MAY HAVE BEEN SCANNED - it's from 1998, I think. I have a dwg of the switch that is currently in the field, but the dwg is old and may have been a scanned "as built" - maybe not. There is no scale on the drawing - BUT THERE ARE VARIOUS DIMENSIONS.  


I'm not confident that the dimensions are true AND are at scale, for EITHER file. Short of going in the field to take measurements of the existing switch, how would I go about this?



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Find some common item with a common size, or just see if the dimensions on the drawing are correct. Biggest problem will be distortion anyway if it is a scan of a paper drawing. Was it drawn originally on a drafting board? You can make it a block and scale in both x and y.


I would go do field measurements myself and make a new drawing.

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