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Copy and rotate multiple


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Hello everyone.


I am working with a code to copy object (s) and paste with rotation using the same base point as the axis of rotation.

What I can't do is create a while cycle to be able to make multiple copies and rotate. I could only do it once. If someone helps me a little I would be very grateful.


(defun c:cr (/ ss p1 p2 p3)
  (setq ss (ssget))
  (command "copy" ss "" "0" "0")
  (setq p1 (getpoint "\n base Point: "))
  (setq p2 (getpoint "\n destination point: "))
  (command "move" ss "" p1 p2)
  (setq p3 (getpoint "\n reference point: "))
  (command "rotate" ss "" p2 "R" "@" p3 pause)


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Perhaps something like this?

(defun c:cr ( / p q r s )
            (setq s (ssget "_:L"))
            (setq p (getpoint "\nSpecify base point: "))
            (setq q (getpoint "\nSpecify destination point: " p))
            (vl-cmdf "_.move" s "" "_non" p "_non" q)
            (setq r (getpoint "\nSpecify reference point: " q))
        (while (vl-cmdf "_.rotate" s "" "_non" q "_C" "_R" "@" "_non" r "\\"))


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6 hours ago, Lee Mac said:

 Perhaps something like this?


Hi @Lee Mac, thank you very much for your response. I really appreciate the help, but unfortunately it's not what I wanted.

Maybe I didn't know how to explain myself well, and it's all my fault.


I will try to explain it better to see if it is possible to help me:
The problem is that I want to copy the same object, but I have to put several points: (destination point)


1.-I want to designate objects and be able to create multiple copies
2.-But when you copy the object, it can be rotated with a reference, which begins at the base point
(So far I have no problem)
3.- without abandoning the command, copy the same object again, to create another copy and rotate it in the same way;

For that, I would have to create a new point (destination point), but I can't solve it.
4.-repeat until canceled.

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It is best to provide a drawing before processing and processing, so that everyone can help you.

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