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Creating Toposurface through points file (CSV) [SOLVED]


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Hi all,


I am trying to create a toposurface within Revit 2019 using a points file

What I have done is extracted the X Y and Value data from a 3d autocad topo, following the youtube guide below.




I have the extracted info (below) which looks OK - similar form to the one in the youtube tutorial

It's once I select this file to import into Revit, that I get the prompt "Failed to open file"




Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong? The file is saved as CSV and the information only contains X Y and Z value.


There is 2 CSV files to save as, highlighted in image below.

The highlighted in red, does not work for me.

The green one (UTF-8) does work.


Not sure what the difference is between the two, but changing it has now solved my issue.


Thank in advance for any help




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I had the same problem (failed to open). Created the Excel file, followed the X,Y,Z format, then saved. In Revit, I would Create Topo surface by Specifying the Points file.


When I downloaded sample files it worked, but when I opened the sample file and saved it to duplicate the format it didn't work in Revit. Then I realized the new file was open in Excel. Closed it and tried again in Revit. It worked.


After several attempts at different files and types I have found if the file is open in Excel it will not open in Revit. Having text (point identifiers) in column "A" and/or "E" has no effect on whether the file works. 


Solution - Close the Excel file

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