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Winglet Loft - Guide Curve & XYZ Points

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I have been away from SW for quite a few years and am now trying to model a winglet.

1. I created my guide curve by Project Curve and then Sketch on Sketch.

2. I brought in my root airfoil profile using Curve Though XYZ Points.

3.I brought in my tip airfoil profile using Curve Though XYZ Points and then moved it into the right/approx. area using Move Entities.

I now face 2 problems.

1. I cannot move the tip airfoil profile so the trailing edge point is coincident with the tip of the guide curve, (I'm really confused coz there are no relationships holding it in place).

2. I'm pretty sure the 2 x airfoil profiles need to be pierced by the guide curve, but I cannot see how this can be done, i.e. the pierce relationship does not present itself.

Is someone able to point out where I am going wrong?




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