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Autodesk Vehicle Tracking


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6 hours ago, BIGAL said:

If its like Autoturn you can add vehicles you need the manufacturers specifications. Start with something close.

I have done this for a BMW 5 series saloon but to be honest I'm not confident that I got it perfectly correct and fudged it slightly. I has hoping someone with more experience had done some.

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Here in AUS we have what is known as a 85% vehicle so you would not check for a particular BMW. As a side note crawled around a carpark measuring floor to lowest part on cars one of the better for clearance was a BMW.


Have had the problem of a Lotus though.


Agree with SLW210 last time I looked it had extensive library of vehicles as I needed a fire truck. Found a europenan one that was close.

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Did you look at the second link? It has a tutorial on creating custom vehicles.

Pretty straight forward to create your own, shouldn't be too difficult to get the pertinent information and adjust a supplied vehicle to suit.

What are you struggling with?

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