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Custom RVT link display - linked view to different levels of host model


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I'm working on setting up MEP models for a high rise building project. The project is being done through BIM 360 docs with cloud worksharing (Revit 18).


There's an Interior designer modelling the unit layouts. The project has typical levels 7th - 40th and 41st - 42nd. The Interior designer has only modeled the units (model groups for each unit type) on the 7th floor and 41st floor and called out the typical levels on their sheets.


I tried to link the 7th floor view of the Interior model to the 40th floor view of the Plumbing host model but the unit layouts don't show up. Still learning a lot but is there something I'm missing that is preventing them from showing up?




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It could be several things why it's not showing up. This may help you figure it out through the process of elimination: 



I would, however, suggest a different approach. The way you're trying to get this to work is more work than it needs to be (just my opinion). I will first assume that the architectural levels 7 through 40 are typical, and your plumbing levels 7 through 39 are typical, with 40, 41 and 42 being non-typical. If this is the case, I would use the Stacked View method, where you use two Views on your Sheet which combines to complete the result. 


Have a Level 7 architectural Floor Plan and hide all of your Plumbing Categories. Needs to be a "clean view" with no MEP elements, and hide your Grids. Place this on your Sheet, and set your Viewport View Tag to None, hiding it completely; Pin this View, in Properties set the View Detail number to a letter Z or something similar to prepare for the next step. Now create a Level 40 plumbing Floor Plan and get it all tagged, labeled, etc. Once complete or close to it, hide all Links where all you see is plumbing only and keep your Grids visible. Drag this View to your Sheet and before you actually place the View, hover your mouse in the area around the center of the existing View on the sheet and you'll see alignment guides in the X and Y axis (light blue dashed lines) that will snap the View exactly on top of the existing View. Since you set the Detail to Z on the previous view, this view should default as 1 in your View Tag. Now you have a Level 7 typical architectural background showing on your Level 40 non-typical plumbing plan. Easiest way we handle these situations in-house here. 


One extra tip is to name the architectural View in a way that identifies its purpose, such as "STACKED VIEW - LEVEL 7 PLAN FOR LEVEL 40 PLMB BG". 


Hope this helps. -TZ

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