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autolisp in menu macro: current date to clipboard - help

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I was trying to put a lisp in a menu macro that would place the current date in the clipbpard.

I started from this example that places the file name in the clipboard:


and I changed

(getvar 'dwgname) to (menucmd "M=$(edtime,$(getvar,date),DD.MO.YY)") to end up with

(vlax-invoke(vlax-get(vlax-get (vlax-create-object "htmlfile")'ParentWindow)'ClipBoardData)'setData"TEXT"(menucmd "M=$(edtime,$(getvar,date),DD.MO.YY)"))

(sorry: one line to accomodate the macro CUI)

While the original worked perfectly (and mine one too from the command line) as a menu macro this one hangs when it reaches the first $, so I guess there must be some conflicts putting Diesel inside and outside a lisp in a macro...

Can someone help? Can I do it without lisp?

Thank you

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You could define it as a function in acaddoc.lsp and use that function in the macro.

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