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3D Kitchen Centric Training


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My company doesn't do much 3D, We would like to, we have the latest "Auto-CAD Architecture" and we primarily do kitchens and baths. Our typical presentations for clients consist of floor plans and elevations that we typical color w/ markers. It is a beautiful classic presentation. I'm looking for the best training options to learn how to create a plan like attached. The guy that can do this type of drawing is always busy and doesn't have a ton of time to teach it, and we don't utilize this type of drawing nearly enough.


I want to learn how to do it quickly and efficiently to become a better asset to my company. where can i get some Kitchen 3d centric AutoCAD Architecture training. 



3D Kitchen.jpg

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Hi Paul, he most likely uses a special add-on package for Kitchen Designs. I used to do modular casework (very similar to kitchen cabinets) at a few companies and we always used add-ons for AutoCAD to do this. Yes you can do it by hand but that can be VERY time consuming.
Microvellum makes one - https://www.microvellum.com/kitchen-cabinet-software-for-autocad-users/

Here's a video of someone doing it just in AutoCAD


Good luck

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Its about making your primitives and how detailed you want to go to. A lot of manufacturers have 3d libraries so that can help. Just understanding the simple extrude, union, subtract is essential. Rotate3d is very useful.


Like f700es the image to me looks like they cheated one of the tricks is drawing line work 1mm off a face so it will appear when doing a hide or shade etc have  a look at the oven.


The simple way is make each piece then move it next to the next cupboard etc  


have a look at the showcase section here

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