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Surveyer get mirrored arcs in system


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The title is a bit vague, but so is the information i got.

I got a phonecall from a co-worker who had a surveyor who was trying to put a design in his system to set out the design in 'the real world' (i'm dutch, i don't know how y'all call it :P) and told us that the curves in the road became 'mirrored' in his system.  He then asked his coworker and told him it had something to do with a conversion between microstation and autocad.  And told my co-worker who told me that.

The basis design was done in Microstation, and was later finished in Autocad. So so far it sounds like a plausable cause.   
However we didn't see what is really happening and we don't know what the problem might be.


Anyone heard anything about this and know what is going on?

edit: Something about 'Coplanar and Non-coplanar' is some new info, still don't know what it means.

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