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Rectangular Sheet with cavaties not wrapping around circle

Talha Kaleem

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I am Talha Kaleem and i am working as a freelancer on Fiverr & Freelancer.com. I do 3D Modeling & Rendering and the softwares i use are AutoCAD, 3Ds max and catiav5. 


I am facing a problem. I have a 3D rectangular sheet with cavities on it. Now, i need to wrap this sheet around a  cylinder. I have tried Path deform tool but its not working as i expected which is also shown with the help of attached picture. Below are attached 2 pictures and one source file. If some one has any idea of how to do it and what are the mistakes i am making, i am happy to hear those. 


Thank you very much


Object_to wrap.PNG

Test file.max

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Can you make "Edges" visible so I can see your models topology?

I assume the rectangular sheet and the cavities are two separate parts? It's hard to tell though, since they are both red. Can you make them different colors, Or make the cavities hidden?


It looks like the rectangle may not have any enough topology in order to deform around the circle. You may already know this, but if you don't, take a look at the images below. A rectangle with no topology will not deform when you try to bend it, but a rectangle with a good amount of topology, will deform correctly when you bend it.

Will Not Deform.jpg

Will Deform.jpg

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