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Parametric model + Level of Details + associated BOM

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Hi All,


Let me put it in a very simple example.

I have an assembly contains:

  1. Pan screw
  2. CSK Screw


Then I have Level of details (LOD) as:

  1. Master - contains both
  2. Pan - the CSK screw suppressed
  3. CSK - the Pan screw suppressed



I double click on LOD  "Pan" to make it active and what I see on the screen will be my Pan head screw; however, when I go to BOM I see both of them listed!


Is there any way to have the associated BOM to LOD?


Next level question:

in my ilogic rule when I am in "Master" LOD the following code:

ThisBOM.Export("Parts Only", "Test.xls", kMicrosoftExcelFormat)

generate the BOM having both screws listed in excel file; however, by changing the LOD to Pan (or CSK) it comes back with the following error:


Error in rule: Rule0, in document: Test.iam

ThisBOM: Could not find a BOM view named "Parts Only".
If the name is correct, then please enable this BOM view, and save the assembly.
(my comment: The name is correct and it is enable)


Please advise...


p.s. the more I investigate the more I think iAssembly is the correct choice for creating configurations. Through this way I could manage the asembly BOM right but I still cannot create the correct BOM out of iLogic rule.





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