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Jim Clayton

Add "Insert Dynamic Block" to Existing Lisp

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Jim Clayton

Hello.  I'm in the process of building a Lisp/DCL.  I want to add a few steps where you can select an insertion point and insert a Dynamic Block at that point.  Is there a quick and  easy way of going about this?  The Lisp/DCL are both still in the beginning stages and VERY much under construction.  The end product that I'm trying to build though looks like a vertical piece of pipe with a Dynamic Block on Top and Bottom and two Dynamic Blocks coming off of the side (spaced an equal distance apart).  Would greatly appreciate any help.  Tks.

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There are multiple ways to accomplish this.


(defun c:somefunc (/ ds)
(setq ds (getvar 'dimscale))

(command "insert" "block_name" "_scale" ds "_rotate" 0 pause)


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Jonathan Handojo

As jonathann3891 says, there are many ways to insert a block. I normally do it by ActiveX ways, since "command" normally takes time to execute. For example:


(setq acadobj (vlax-get-acad-object)
      adoc (vla-get-ActiveDocument acadobj)
      msp (vla-get-ModelSpace adoc)
      block_name (getstring T "\nSpecify block name: ")
      insertpt (getpoint "\nSpecify insertion point: ")
      scale_x 1
      scale_y 1
      scale_z 1
      rotation 0 ; in radians
      your_block (vla-InsertBlock msp (apply 'vlax-3D-Point insertpt) block_name scale_x scale_y scale_z rotation))

but will fail if insertpt returns nil (happens when you press Enter on prompt)


If you have a list of hundreds of blocks and points for each block, you can always do:


(setq blocks (mapcar
	       '(lambda (x y)
		  (vla-InsertBlock msp (apply 'vlax-3D-point y) x scale_x scale_y scale_z rotation))
	       block_name insertpt))



My preference of style is constructing a dotted pair for each block and point, them put them in a list. 

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Have a look on Lee-mac.com for dynamic block routines for updating from a lisp. Just insert as per other post.


Your welcome to use Multi getvals.lsp its a library routine for multiple input via a dcl. You can have from 1 to say around 15 entries. 


Multi GETVALS.lsp


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Jim Clayton

Thank you both.  I'll give these a shot.  I feel like I might be over-complicating this and making it more difficult than it needs to be so i'm going to step back and re-organize this first.  Thanks again for the help.

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