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Hello I am a 21 year old  how is working as a CNC operater/programmer(G-code )

I am new to solidworks i now to use Fusion 360 which a learn from Titan of CNC:Academy.

I doing their build blocks series in Solidworks and i am stuck on Titan 9M i made everything expect the pockets in the middel of the part. How can i make it the simplest way.Becouse in Fusion 360 you go Cut Start to object and you put the offset.I need help with thad.

I this Titan 10M  am stuck on the honeycomb i tried using the thin feature but it wont extend to the end of the wall , also i was having problem with the fillet on 1.1 inch  in the bottom fillet dosen t want to merge.

So please if someone could help me i would appreciate it.TITAN-9M 2019.PDFTITAN-10M 2019.PDF

TITAN-10M 2019.PDF

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