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Attribute Output for Member Design


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So, I am trying to create a link OR a readable output from AutoCAD to import into my design software.  Below is a snippet of what the software reads for a typical beam output.  My goal is to be able to define any of the below attributes to a dynamic beam block and have it output a readable file that the software can import so I can finalize my design.  


Is this feasible?  What coding language would be the most optimal to use?  Would a an app or plugin be an option? 


Thanks for you help!


    <Type>Roof Beam</Type>
    <BuildingCode>2015 International Building Code</BuildingCode>
    <SteelCode>AISC 14th Ed ASD</SteelCode>
    <Material>Solid Sawn</Material>
    <RoundDia />
    <SteelGrade />
    <SteelLeg />
    <BendingCoefficient />
    <FlitchPlateWidth />
    <FlitchPlateNum />
    <LoadTransfers />


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YES feasible, lisp, vba will write a txt file/xml


Then the bad part a custom routine writing a xml, maybe easy depends on your "BEAM"


No dwg so no idea.


Write-line (strcat "<Version>" ver "</Version>") fo)
Write-line (strcat "<Sort>" sort "</Sort>") fo)
Write-line (strcat "<SteelCode>" AISCver "</SteelCode>") fo) and so on
    <Material>Solid Sawn</Material>


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