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Faiz Izzuddin

Create bend cone with different diameter at each end

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Faiz Izzuddin

Hello guys, 


Im faiz and i need help from those already expert in solidwork. I want create bend cone for my bike pipe. The aims here is to create drawing in “.dxf” but i stuck at flatten the cone. My steps to create bend cone is create two different diameter at different face then i lofting it by using centreline parameter. But i cant flatten the cone. Tq in advance

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On 12/25/2019 at 12:33 PM, Faiz Izzuddin said:


Hi Faiz,

It depends on how you are modelling the part. Either as a solid part or using sheet metal.

  • If created using solid. Create your loft as described previously.
  • Once the solid is created, you then need to use the shell command to remove the open ends and also create the thickness of the "pipe" section.
  • As a revolved object, you need to remove a section of material. (imagine the two edges of a cylinder coming together for welding.
  • Create a gap equal to the material thickness from one open end to the other.
  • Convert the object to sheet metal and follow the instructions. (e.g. thickness, k-factor etc.)

You should then be able to flatten the pipe/sheet metal.


I have not had access to solidworks for several years, so I'm tring to do this from memory.




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