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50 year old draft. Help me!


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Hello my name is Matilda and I need some help with understanding the circled areas. How do I reproduce  them in Fusion 360? 


LOK1 inringad.png

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In the cutaway section shown at the top the two areas that you have circled are holes passing through the wall of the object.  And in the top view shown below it the circled objects are the upper most rim which I assume is used to lock the object into another mating piece.  I'm not familiar with Fusion 360.  However, in AutoCAD the holes could be created a couple of different ways.  One way would be to construct cylinders from extruded circles and subtract them from the main body of the object.  As for the other object it would be created as part of the whole by drawing a profile representing one half of the object then then revolving it around its centerline.

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I try to do that but in not so skilled in fusion but i did try to do half of the sketch and do a revolve. It did work thank god. And for the holes i did a fast way hole create and marked the point on the sketch. It worked to and thank you for the tips. 

You can do that but I could not do it because I had some trouble to get the offside right and I was kind of stressed out. But i made it.

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The M8 that you circled in the top view denotes threaded holes.  M8 is s standard metric thread of 8mm dia, and 1.25 mm or 1 mm per thread.


This video outlines the process in Fusion 360.

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