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PDF printing crops bottom half of text


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I have had this issue for a long time and not been able to figure out what causes it.
On a variety of drawings I have a number of Paperspace layout tabs.
Each layout tab has the drawing number in the title block in paperspace in the bottom right corner.
On some tabs, when I print them to PDF, the bottom half of the drawing number is cropped or blanked off, however the rest of the title block lines around and below it print fine.
On other tabs it all prints OK.
The properties of the text appear to be the same and the size of the text frame appears the same on "good" and "bad" tabs.
On the "bad" layouts, the cut-off printing happens if I use "Microsoft print to PDF" or "Scansoft PDF Create!" plotters, but there is no cut off if I use "DWG to PDF" plotter.
I assume therefore that it must be a combination of two things:
1. something in the different plotter configs that is different between them
2. something is different in the good and bad paperspace layouts, that the different plotters are treating differently

Hopefully someone can assist please as it would be good to be able to have anyone plot any layout on any loaded PDF plotter! 
Many thanks!

Plot crop test CUTS OFF - Microsoft print to PDF.pdf Plot crop test PRINTS OK - Microsoft print to PDF.pdf Plot crop test-PRINTS OK - DWG to PDF.pdf Plot crop test-CUTS OFF - DWG to PDF.pdf Plot crop test.dwg

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1st up how are you setting the plot areas, if a title block is not at correct location like 0,0 can have an effect. I have my auto routines to plot a set window corners, "layout" can do odd things. Extents at scale may also not work.


8 Staff and they would be scolded for not having title block at 0,0. So had a fix up lisp that moved layout to 0,0.


Printed 84 layouts in one go.

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Thanks, but not sure how to tell where it is set, although whey would that only affect the lower half of some text, and not the surrounding title block lines?

I uploaded the resulting plots, and the autocad file in the original post if that helps?

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Ok Dwg to PDF Metric A3 297x420.

Window option -3,-3   286,408

Scale 1:1


NOTE ! moved the title block/mview etc bottom left to 0,0 to make numbers easier.


I had little no plot markers at bottom left and top right making widow pick easier for me I have a plot lisp. Maybe make your mview 1mm inside of titleblock border can be no-plot layer. I normally set layout locked as well.



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Thanks for your help, but it looks like you've printed the layout tab that prints OK for me.

Has that made any difference to the "cuts-off" layout tab result when printing to PDF using "Microsoft to PDF" plotter?

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