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Plex.Earth Timeviews Provides New Access for Satellite Images in AutoCAD

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Plexscape’s Plex.Earth is a longtime, popular favorite for using AutoCAD with Google Earth, Google Maps, and more. Now, they have released Timeviews, an incredible new feature in Plex.Earth that provides recent and affordable satellite imagery within AutoCAD.

According to Plexscape, easy and instant access to premium satellite provides AutoCAD and AEC professionals with the most up-to-date view of their targeted area to better understand their project’s environment, make informed decisions, and avoid costly mistakes from the beginning of the design process.

GIF_fz5o4f.gif Work progress of the new training ground of Atlético Madrid (Centro Deportivo Wanda Alcalá de Henares) with high-quality satellite imagery from Timeviews inside AutoCAD.

Accessing commercial satellite imagery is typically very expensive and may require certain levels of expertise to even process and analyze. On the other hand, free satellite images are often low-resolution, outdated, and commercially restrictive.

Aiming to solve these challenges, Plexscape partnered with satellite imagery provider Bird.i to deliver recent satellite imagery from world-leading commercial satellite providers Maxar Technologies/DigitalGlobe, Airbus, and Planet.


“Ten years ago, being a civil engineer myself, I got a taste of the true cost of rework, leading me to develop a tool that directly connected AutoCAD and Google Earth,” says Lambros Kaliakatsos, founder and CEO, Plexscape.

“Now, Plex.Earth is on its fourth generation and our vision remains the same: to eliminate the need for engineers to get on-site for the conceptual planning and preliminary design of their projects,” Kaliakatsos continues. “Timeviews, our new premium service, is one step further to this goal, given that it opens up access for the first time to absolutely everyone to the world’s most recent satellite imagery and to the valuable insights they bring.” 

Unlimited instant access to Timeviews’ premium satellite data is available through monthly or annual Plex.Earth subscriptions. Learn more about Timeviews and download the free 7-day trial on the Autodesk App Store or Plexscape.

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