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non pro workstation setup for bricscad


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I have to replace my 8yo Win7 desktop that was built for me to run 2010 Autocad for landscape design/drafting side-work. 2010 won’t run on Win10, the current 40gb ssd has less than 1gb left, and the memory is failing. I’ve milked this thing far too long.


Because Autocad is now solely subscription based, I’ve decided to move to Bricscad and plan to purchase the 2d (classic) version. I also plan to use Bricscad Shape (similar to SketchUp) and Autodesk SketchBook (or similar) to marker render the client concept plans, office applications, and internet. It won’t be used for any gaming.


Everything I’ve researched about building a new non-pro cad system is vague on actual builds, is minimal comparative commentary in a marketing blogposts, or is referencing intel biased processors and  pro workstation video cards. Or it’s an 8gb gaming card showdown running the inventor benchmark test.


The last 10 years of saved autocad project file sizes are 0.1mb to 3mb. I consider my projects to be fairly small but I really have no idea what kind of workload that is on my current setup. In a typical project, I’ll attach .pdfs and .jpgs to the file to trace the hand-drawn sketches or screen captures, and then detach them as the design/drafting work progresses. 


I have no plans at this time to use 3d bricscad version for modeling/rendering because nobody is paying for that kind of work on simple landscape plans.


So, the big question is, would a Ryzen 5 3600 and a 4gb rx 570 video card run 2d Bricscad without issue? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ybz7vW


If not, what or where is the hangup that will leave me wanting a pro workstation video card setup?




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I have I7, 16Gb, Nvidia graphics, SSD 128GB, 1Tb hard disk in laptop it flies. Briscad V20.


A desktop will be better performance using I7.


There is a hardware section here look at posts a lot of recommendations

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