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Offsetting a Line


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Good Morning All,


I am used to offsetting Polyline Objects. However I would like to offset a Straight line and then use that line's properties. This is not working out.

Generally the variable that receives the offset for a polyline must be a variant type because the polyline is comprised of several objects. However I expect that when a line of AcadLine type is offseted it should produce a variable of similar type, i.e AcadLine type. If this is the case, then the general properties of a line can be accessed. I am not getting this to happen. This is my sample code.


Here everything works fine, except for the last line. Here is the error message it generates: Object doesn't support this property or method. 


Can anyone tell me if I my objective can be achieved?


Public Sub OffsetLine(ByRef Botline As AcadLine)

Dim BotLineOffset As Variant
Dim ItemBot As Variant
Dim ItemBotCoordinates() As Double
     BotLineOffset = Botline.Offset(-Offset)
     Set ItemBot = BotLineOffset(0)
         ItemBot.Color = acYellow
    ItemBotCoordinates = ItemTop.Coordinates
End Sub


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Start and end point, Coordinates is supported property of plines.


Use dumpit.lsp to see properties available . There should be an equivalent in VBA.


;;; DumpIt                                                            ; 
;;; Dump all methods and properties for selected objects              ; 
(defun C:DumpIt ( / ent) 
  (while (setq ent (entsel)) 
      (vlax-Ename->Vla-Object (car ent)) 


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