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MVSETUP/Align/Rotate cause settings to be altered

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Reference: Using AutoCAD 2016; Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise


My CAD folks,

I noticed that when I use MVSETUP through paper space viewport to align and rotate a view, many of the CAD settings are changed (object snap settings cleared, pickfirst settings changed, can no longer apply a command to a pre-selected object). And I no longer can grip select an item, as in a line - I’d have to apply stretch command to edit the line. Moreover, when I need to select an object, nothing happens when I apply the pickbox directly on the object; I’d have to ghostly pick an arbitrary distance away from the targeted object for it to even highlight and be selected.

God knows what other settings may have been inadvertently altered. So how can I get my settings restored?

Is this a known problem when using mvsetup/align/rotate? I often need to rotate viewport to fit a model space drawing favorably through paper space.

Is there another command I can use to affect the viewport rotation without affecting AutoCAD settings?

Or, how can I use the mvsetup/align/rotate without altering my settings?

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From my research, I'd guess that part of the issue is the UCS. Once you change the viewport, start the UCS command and give the View option. Also look at your SNAPANG setting.


Another possibility (which may or may not work) is to create a view in model space, where you intend to create your viewport. Then, once you create the viewport, set it to the view.

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