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Change text to current Z-value

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A custumer asked if i can change the heightmap (about 2000 survey points) relative to 1 point.  I currently have a survey i did that has all text based heights.

In civil 3D i used 'movetext2elevation'  to make the text go to the z-height of the text value.    Then i moved all the text  to that 1 relative point to Z=0.000

Let's say that 1 point once was 15.00+  and one next to one is 15.50+.  By moving that 1 point to 0.00 that other point is now at a Z-value of 0.50+. However the textvalue still says 15.50+.


I would like to know if there is a command or lisp that changes the textvalue to the current Z-value of that text.   So the end result is 2 texts that have a text-value AND a Z-value of 0.00 and 0.50



Is that possible?



Edit: I Now have used a lisp called 'txt2pt' to create points and used another lisp (down here) to label the points with it's Z-value.  Does the same, but is a bit more work...


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Since you have Civil 3D, couldn't you create a surface and move it? That would take care of the label values.

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