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Bill Tillman

PDFIMPORT Leaves out perimeter walls on floor plan

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Bill Tillman

Still getting the hang with PDFIMPORT. It really works great but I seem to be finding all the exceptions. The PDF drawing of a floor plan I'm trying to import comes into the Model space but the perimeter walls are missing. There are dimensions and notes all over the place but no structure. I don't know if it's a layer issue or not. The PDF file was created by others so I cannot get any source info on this until heck freezes over. I even printed the drawing using the PDF print driver and got the same results. I then tried scanning a printed copy of the page. Unless I use Raster Import the PDFIMPORT command reports no objects found. So I changed it to Raster Import and it brings in the drawing but with a complete white background which makes seeing anything clearly almost impossible. Yesterday I did the same thing with a PDF file from a different Architect and all went well.


Tried using the Raster Image choice again and it came in. I can see the lines but there is a white background the size of the sheet. The wall lines are at least in here though. ???


Tried some other PDF files sent over by this architect and all of them exhibit the same problem. Seems there is something about the way this architect saves their files to PDF which is the issue. Other PDF files from other architects are importing fine, no issues.


PDF Underlay brings in the lines, but I can't erase all the junk in the underlay.

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