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Excel table data to Titleblock

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I have an existing, client supplied, drawing template. We use a single CAD drawing file for each area at the site location. Using AutoCAD LT 2018 is it possible to create an Excel table that will propagate information into the existing title-block? Currently each piece of information has to entered in each location on the layout title-block. The information changes from project site to project site.

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You may be able to script it using -attedit its a bit long winded and your title block has to be in the same position every time to work as you use a X,Y to select attribute follow the prompts. NO idea if -attedit works in LT.


Command: SCRIPT
Command: -attedit
Edit attributes one at a time? [Yes/No] <Y>: y
Enter block name specification <*>: *
Enter attribute tag specification <*>: ASL
Enter attribute value specification <*>: 010001
Select Attributes: 2774.344569,2535.029107
1 found
Select Attributes:
1 attributes selected.
Enter an option [Value/Position/Height/Angle/Style/Layer/Color/Next] <N>: v
Enter type of value modification [Change/Replace] <R>: r
Enter new attribute value: 010002
Enter an option [Value/Position/Height/Angle/Style/Layer/Color/Next] <N>:

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