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Question about how to join the three parts together like the example


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Hi, I'm working through exercises for Fusion 360. I'm having trouble drafting the following. I understand how to create the three circular portions and extrude them. I don't know how to connect them together. For a drawing like this, is there a definitive way to join the parts to create that curve, or would I just use a spline and make it look similar and then mirror it? I tried using Loft command but it had problems. The images are uploaded here: https://imgur.com/a/dOVBJtf Thanks.

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I don't work in Fusion 360, but if I was doing this in Autocad, I would draw the outline of the part and extrude it up. Then I would create a couple cylinders and subtract them for the center hole and counterbore. The only problem is that your drawing is missing a callout for that connecting radius between R75 and R40. I can assume that maybe that connecting radius is also R75, but without knowing for sure, it's just a guess.

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Thanks, wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything or if there was some standardized way to make that curve. I had a few subsequent exercises that involved similar curves, and like you said, they did have a callout for the radius.

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