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Education software plotting


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I am helping someone out with some drawings. However, since I am using education software, it has that tag when I save it and go to plot it. 

He does not want this on his sheets for clients obviously. 

If he would save it on his computer with his AutoCAD, would it still show the "EDUCATION SOFTWARE" on the drawing? 

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Yes it will show up on any computer that opens the drawings you create (that's the idea). You should consider just getting a monthly license to carry out this work, no need to pay for a full year and no worries about having plot stamps show up on professional work.

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Thank you. 


It was only two drawings and no I did not get paid.  I wish I was getting paid. 


Would you know by chance how much the monthly license is?  It only has to be the LT version. I dont do 3D. 


Thank You again. 


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Here's an important warning about Educational Version drawings.


If you open a drawing that is marked as "Educational" (plots with the stamp), every drawing you subsequently open and save during that session is also marked as such, regardless of how legitimate your AutoCAD license is. Some years ago I had this spread like a virus across about 2000 drawings because one of my users received a drawing from a contractor that had been "Educational" stamped.


So if you discover that you have a drawing marked as "Educational", be sure to close your AutoCAD session before continuing.

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