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Points affect labeling?

Survey Barb

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I have a drawing that right up until I import a points file (.txt), the labeling works fine.  The label is on the line where I clicked.  But as soon as I import in points (.txt), the labels automatically snap to the end of the line.  Anyone have any ideas why???




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set my current layer to V-Node then


import/export points

import points

select file (it's a .txt file)

pnezd (comma delimited)



the labeling "issue" starts

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Since I don't have C3d currently installed I won't be much help atm.


But I have seen before where the label styles used by our state's DOT standard template were never set up properly.

So like literally every time someone would start a new drawing, someone in the company would eventually run in to the problem of the label styles not showing up properly (per DOT's own standards).


In most cases they would just explode the labels to make everything show up properly which, imo, is completely absurd - but they would explode everything just to get the drawings done and move on.


I eventually figured out what was going on, sent out an email and told everyone in the office to set it up properly in the first place and they wouldn't have this problem.


Technically, DOT should have fixed their template but they never did.

And we were still bound by the contract to use their template - so I'm sure the drama still continues with label styles at that company (I no longer work there).


Exploding can solve the immediate problem but it completely eliminates the ability of the labels to dynamically change with the design - the reason for having expensive software like civil3d in the first place.



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