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Surface area calculations

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Hi All 


I am looking for a solution regarding the calculation of a surface area. I am looking to scan the hull of a boat. This data will be in a DXF format. Can someone please let me know if it is possible to then calculate the actual surface area of the entire hull. I am currently exploring some options and am looking for a solution. 


I would appreciate any help or insights  






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Hi RedKettle,


You may use the AREA command for this. Say the ship hull is an intersection of a cylinder and a sphere, we can use 




or calculate the two solids, then deduct one another. AREA>Add Area> Object/AREA>Subtract Area> Object 




Hope this helps 



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What kind of precision are you going for?

If you have google earth or google map image of the vessel, that's a great start for getting ballpark figures.


There are multiple ways.

One method is to draw a 100' line/path in google earth. export your current view, including the ship, to image file.


Insert that in Autocad as a raster image.

Draw 100' line in Autocad and scale the image to 100% scale.


From there you can easily draw polylines, splines, etc.  Hatch the area you want to get surface area from and get it from properties.

OR you can use the "area" command in autocad.  But I think the hatch method would be more accurate.


Another way would be to use google earth and Save a blown-up "map" of the vessel.


Maps printed from google earth pro include a drawing scale.

So you would scale the image in CAD (similar to above) using the drawing scale and proceed getting surf area that way.


The maps from GE pro have the added benefit of being as high resolution as you want.

So they work pretty good.



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If its a 3d model you can make a surface, then take the surface mesh and convert to faces, if you can make into triangles a TIN of 3d faces you can then get the actual area of each face. Done that for landscaping true grass area. Others will provide way of converting to a surface not my expertise. 


I am not sure of the author of the 3dface lisp.


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