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STATION Marking on polyline Based on OLD STATION Marking

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Hello all.....
Sorry for my language
I have a line or POLYLINE 
Written on it  STATION  Marking 
And the length is inconsistent with the station value
if possible
 I want based on the value of the old stations
When I click on a line or POLYLINE  a new station value appears
I found  code TO dlanorh


Needs modification of what I want
Please provide us with appropriate ideas and solutions
Who has the time?
Thanks, thanks
Pictures of the required
And the working file






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(defun c:test (/ n p1 p d $)
  (setq os (getvar 'osnapz))
  (setvar 'osnapz 1)
  (initget 1)
  (and (setq n (getreal "\nStart STA : "))
       (setq p1 (getpoint "\nStart pt "))
       (setq $ (getstring (strcat "\nIncrement <Enter> or '-' \n")))
       (setq p (getpoint p1 "\nNext point "))
       (setq d (distance p1 p))
       (setq d
	      (if (wcmatch $ "-*")
		(- d)
    (princ (strcat "\n" (rtos d 2 3) ))
       (entmakex (list '(0 . "TEXT")
		       (cons 1 (_rtosta (+ n d) 3))
		       (cons 40 (getvar 'textsize))
		       (cons 10 (trans p 1 0))
   (setvar 'osnapz os)


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HI hanhphuc Thank you

If you have time
I want you to be the distance linked to LENGTH  POLYLINE , Especially if the POLYLINE  contains an arc

(setq e (entsel "\n SELECT POLYLINE ")))

 (setq p1 (getpoint "\nStart pt "))
      (setq D0 (vlax-curve-getdistatpoint e p1); distance AT POINT p1 ON POLYLINE



 (setq p (getpoint p1 "\nNext point "))

  (setq DW (vlax-curve-getdistatpoint e p1); distance AT POINT p ON POLYLINE
       (setq d (distance DW D0))


If possible, modify the code and add this idea

Thank you





STATION P_ARC ._REV_2010dwg.dwg

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