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this block inserting lisp used to work


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I made this lisp years ago and haven't used it for a while so now it can't insert attributes when inserting block

(window for writing attribs pops out). I can't figure out how to resolve that so any suggestions?

(DEFUN C:uvb(/ f name coords textline textposition )

  (defun *error* (msg)
    (princ msg)
    (setvar "cmdecho" 1)
  (setvar "cmdecho" 0)
  (setq coords nil)
  (setq f (open (getfiled "Izaberi datoteku s koordinatama i visinama za upisivanje u blok" (getvar 'DWGPREFIX) "txt" 8) "r"))
  (or(setq scale(getstring "\nUnesi scale faktor [0.5]: "))
     (setq scale "0.5")
  (while(setq textline(read-line f))
    (setq prvi_zarez(+(vl-string-position(ascii ",")textline)1))
    (setq drugi_zarez(vl-string-position(ascii ",")textline prvi_zarez))
    (setq coords(substr textline 1 drugi_zarez))
    (setq visine (substr textline (+ 2 drugi_zarez) (strlen textline)))
    (setq teren(substr visine 1 (vl-string-position(ascii ",")visine)))
    (setq vod(substr visine (+(vl-string-position(ascii ",")visine)2)(strlen visine)))
    (vl-cmdf "-insert" "41423-1" coords scale "" teren vod)
    (setq textline nil
	  visine nil
	  coords nil
	  teren nil
	  vod nil
	  prvi_zarez nil
	  drugi_zarez nil)
  (setvar "cmdecho" 1)
  (close f)  

;;;the file must be in format y,x,h1,h2



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