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Searching for garage plans..


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Looking for some CAD garage plans.  Looking to build a 30 x 30 garage with 10 foot walls with vaulted ceilings


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Will this be on a slab?

How many garage doors and where?

How many entry doors and where?

How many windows and where?

What do you want for lighting and power?

Any plumbing?

Will there a usable attic space?


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There is no warehouse of free plans here. 


If you are an AutoCad user we can show you how to draw them yourself.  If you are not a user, some of us might be glad to generate plans meeting your requirements, for a fee.


Building permit requirements being what they are, you can't just slap any old set of plans down on the  county inspector's desk.  For instance, are you in a hurricane zone?  A heavy snow zone?   At the shore?  Of course if you are in Papayuna Settlement,  Northern Territory, Australia then that's another story. :)   Can you order in a quonset hut kit? ;) 


Let's start this off (if you are still here).  In a 30 foot wall the max amount of garage doors you can have is three at 7 feet wide, or one at 16 feet plus one at 7 feet.  Any other set wider than that doesn't leave enough structure between the doors to hold up the roof.


PS Don't use your email address as your user name, anywhere.

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