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Visual Studio with AutoCAD 2016


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I am setting up a AutoCAD 2016 with visual studio to run/program my old programs in AutoCAD.

I have not done this for some time.


What version of Visual Studio Express is best for AutoCAD 2016 and where can I download it.

Where are the AutoCAD downloads allow VB.net  to work on Autocad 2016.

Since I have not done this for some time I will probably need instructions.


Thank you,

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I'm not able to answer to your question, but I have to ask you another question.

You should know that even if your Autocad release is "oldest" 2016, it still exist VBA tools for Autocad, in order to developing application directly inside Autocad program, so with all ActiveX and so on already built. Here the link:



Concerning your software made with Visual Studio you can try to save module as BAS or TXT extensions and import inside VBA module.


So the question is why did you are not using VBA tools inside Autodesk ? are your routine so complex ?

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I have had trouble using VBA with the newer versions of AutoCAD in the past

so I moved over to using visual studio.net & AutoCAD. I do have some complex routines.


I have done the in the past but I has been over a year ago and I don't remember

where those download pages are at.



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