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.lsp or .vlx or .fas to .msi

Arun Talukdar

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I can convert my raw AutoLISP (.lsp) codes into Visual Lisp (.VLX) and .FAS application using AutoCAD VLISP IDE.

I was looking into Autodesk App Store and downloaded some of the free applications. It was .msi. That means it will install directly on Windows and link-up with installed AutoCAD.

I am very new in the App Store. Could you please help me to understand to convert my .lsp or .vlx or .fas into .msi?


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The only issue with that is  "we will create the installer for you ". But I want to send to a client not Autodesk.


I am interested also and will look into making a MSI.


https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1042566/how-can-i-create-an-msi-setup gets pretty heavy and is aimed at high end programmers not hacks like me.

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Actually its not a matter of converting lisp.fas.vlx into msi but it gathers the files that you would like to extract your program / files into your customer's specific location / path or based on their desire where to locate the files.

Creating such an installer file is a boring thing as I experienced this with some paid customers.

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I agree Tharwat just create a directory called \BIGAL then unzip the file and run a setup lisp that adds the path / trusted location and add a menu its all to hard for them. let alone the fact that the clients spyware rejected my zip file that took a couple of goes to get it to him.



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