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Replace Dimension Text by script scr not LISP and autoopen dwg + scr


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at first, this 2 points works perfectly in DraftSight SW but not in AutoCAD 
I call AutoCAD from excel VBA and run script scr commands, only 3... 
1) Auto open dwg +script:
ACAD = Shell("C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2010\acad.exe " & PathName & "\" & FilenameDWG & " /b " & sPath & "\commandSCR.scr")
means app_path_exe file_path_name /b script_path_name > DraftSight is ok not AutoCAD
2) script commands in scr file:
a) _.-LAYER > works
b) -image > works
c) REPLACEDIMENSIONTEXT > works in DraftSight perfectly like this (try replace Hcooler by 8510):
I would like to ask you for a help with the following 2 points:
1) Auto open dwg +scr:
app_path_exe file_path_name /b script_path_name
(run DOS coomand to open dwg and scr together)
2) Find & Replace dimension text similar to scr Draftsight command "Replacedimension text" as above mentioned
Is there any chance to help me?
Many thanks for your feedback in advance.
BR, Jerry CZ





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7 hours ago, BIGAL said:


Hello Bigal,


many thx… ACAD freezing display a white screen, because there is dwg read only marked and don´t display me info to click "Y" for accepting. When I answer "Y", everything is ok (my mistake). The solution is setting up all dwg files not read marked...


There is my excel VBA shell command, which works ok at this moment :) 

AutoCAD = Shell("C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2010\acad.exe " & PathName & "\" & FilenameDWG & " /b " & sPath & "\commandSCR.scr")


Do you or anybody have also any idea about REPLACEDIMENSIONTEXT draftsighcommnad correspong to ACAD?


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