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3D CAD learning path [CREO]


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Hello people! Let me introduce myself first. I am a student who is studying IT but im actually into programming for last 5-6 years.. I discovered 3d cad modeling few days ago and since then I cannot stop watching all types of videos on youtube that are related to mechanical engineering topic ( part design ).


I found it very very exciting and interesting,  that is why i decided to start learning and practicing it ..


I decided to start learning Creo parametric, from my understandings i do not need any background knowledge before start learning it ( i dont need to know any other software before start using it )


I would really like to start from bottom up, but here is a problem. On the internet i could not find any valuable resources that could help me with this. What I actually need is some type of a list with some sort of steps what to learn step by step. 


My main goal is to learn to design or model parts, assemblies,subassemblies,etc..


So as I said i need some type of general list step by step so i can start googling and learning on my own. 


Here is some example information how that list should look :




1. Learn orthogonal projection ( here pay attention on ... ) 

2. After that take a look into normal 2d projections ( pay attention to this,that,and that.... )

3. Practice 2d projections in creo..

4. Draw for example wheel first, after that draw building ( when drawing building pay attention to this  and that ) 

5. Start with 3d modeling ...

6. etc.....



This list is just example list and steps that i wrote are just for example purposes to show you what type of info i really need to start learning it by myself :) Thank you guys so much


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