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Student basic mechanic/fabricartion book?


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Hello, i'm doing a technical drafting course which had no prerequisites so naturally thought i'd be learning everything I needed to know. On the assignment i'm on it talks about drawing this component and to not hatch the flange, to use this weld on the boss to change this to that etc.


The thing is I don't know anything about it so I had to google what a flange and boss etc were. In all the material for the course and additional reading we were given there is no mention of what these parts of a component are etc or anything much about engineering or fabrication, it is all quite literally only on drawing by hand or with CAD.


Iv'e tried looking for beginner books on mechanical engineering, fabrication, manufacturing etc but none of them have talked about things like what a boss, flange etc is.


I'm sure there is going to be plenty more things related to engineering/manufacturing and not technical drafting which I don't know but will need to, so does anyone know any books that cover the things i'll likely be expected to know ( even though the course said there was no requisite knowledge required o.O)

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It's ridiculous that they gave you an assignment without explaining anything first. Especially if this is a beginners course where you don't know anything.


If you're planning on making a career in the metalworking industry, I would recommend getting a copy of the Machinery's Handbook. It's kind of expensive if you buy it new, but you might be able to find a used copy cheaper. It's an excellent reference book and I used it quite a lot when I was a machinist.


I would think that any book about mechanical engineering or technical drawing would include information about what the various parts of an assembly are, like bosses, flanges, etc. The book "Technical Drawing 101 with Autocad" might be good. There is also a Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dftg1405/videos


Also, as you already know, Google and Youtube are your friends. If you don't know what something is, just look it up or ask questions here.

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A flange is an external or internal ridge, or rim (lip), for strength, as the flange of an iron beam such as an I-beam or a T-beam; or for attachment to another object, as the flange on the end of a pipe, steam cylinder, etc., or on the lens mount of a camera; or for a flange of a rail car or tram wheel.


In engineering, a boss is a protruding feature on a work piece. A common use for a boss is to locate one object within a pocket or hole of another object. For instance, some motors use a precisely machined boss on the front face to locate it on the mating part. 


Are we to assume the assignment does not include a picture of the part you are being asked to draw?  If one was included can you include an image of it in your next post?

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If you are starting any technical draughting course it will be assumed that you already know (at least some) engineering, and common engineering terms and component names.


It wouldn't be stated as a prerequisite because it's basic general knowledge.


(TBH I knew what flanges, bosses, etc. were at 5 or 6 years old, not in technical detail but I knew what they were. - Personally I find it difficult to believe that someone would have no knowledge of what they are at all).


The course will be designed to teach you draughting, not to teach you basic engineering.


Maybe you should have started with a basic engineering course?

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