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Trash Can in Model Space


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I am not a beginner (been dong this 24+ years), but something happened recently and I do not know what is causing it. I have an xref (existing basemap) that when I zoom extents it zooms the extents of the provided survey, topo and bondaries, however when I xref this into my plan set and zoom extents in model space, there is a "trash can" way out in space that makes zoom extents a non option for me. I have purged and audited the basemap hoping to remove whatever is causing this but that does not fix the issue. anyone have an idea what this is and how do I remove it?

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I'm assuming this is in Autocad 2020?


Out of curiosity, when you open the drawing does it ask if you want to display proxy objects?


I've come across DWG's before with layers that cannot be deleted even tho nothing is on those layers.

zoom extents will act like stuff is there but it won't show up in Autocad without the proper object enablers.


But only because some of the objects and data in the DWG are from Civil3D (for example) and autocad can get confused.


Even purging won't work in those cases.

As long as the data exists in the drawings, Autocad will act like something is there even though you can't see or select anything.



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yes 2020 and no there is no mention of proxy object either in the basemap or the plan set the basmap is xrefed into

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There is a couple of lisps around to help but try this

Zoom E

Extmax copy the value paste to notepad make it x,y then zoom C paste the x,y say scale 100 try select see if anything if so do list if junk erase. May need to try a couple of scales.

Extmin copy as before.

If it is CIV3d etc or world co-ordinates you may be at 0,0 and the object is at 5271234.123,267875.478

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