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Added text disappears.


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I have just recently upgraded from Autocad 2000 to Autocad 2007.  I am having a problem with adding text to a drawing.

This is my exact path to what I am doing.


Draw, Text, Single Line,  On the command line-   Specify start point, specify rotation angle of text, ENTER, at this point I get the cursor and  type in the text, hit enter twice and it disappears.

This is the procedure I use in version 2000.


If anyone could help me I would be grateful,,


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Try entering the text, then hit esc to end the command.

Or, you could click the drawing area somewhere else to start a new single line text at that point.

When you do a multi-line text <MTEXT>, you can simply click the empty area to end the command.

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I would assume either the layer is off/frozen that the text is going on to, or possibly the color of text matches the background color.

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Or you are zoomed out a long way in your drawing, After you enter a text item type 'SELECT' and the "L" followed by enter (twice), do you see a blue grip appear? If yes, then you should then try typing "ZOOM" select the option "OBJECT" and again "L" (for "LAST"), that should zoom you right into the last text item you placed. You might possibly need to adjust your text height.

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I have Autocad 2007 too and I just done what you said and mine worked fine. What about height? I use the toolbar though.

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