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HELP! My screen changed.


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Hi folks, I'm having a bit of a problem.   I'm using AutoCad 2012 and my screen changed.

I had it set up with the screen layout just the way I like it.. menu's and tool bars where I want them, etc.    I went to draw a cylinder and I hiccuped..  just enough body jerk to move the mouse and press the wrong button on the screen..   No idea what the hell I pressed but it was something near the upper left corner..    Autocad flickered a couple times, then all of a sudden all my menu's were gone and I was left with what you see in the screen-grab.    My drawing is fine, just the menu's and layout have changed. 

How do I get my old screen back??     What the hell did I push to make autocad punish me like this?  

Thank you,


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As a service to future visitors, can you share your solution with us? My guess would be an inadvertent workspace change.

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I'm not sure what I did to change it, but to get it back, ya, you guys got it...   the WORKSPACE dropdown box.... and boy was I happy when I saw the "MY SETTINGS" listed in it! 

And now I've learned something new...   


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