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Autocad Lisp into Revit


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Hey all,


so I do a lot of auto cad work primarily due to a lisp routine I use to create shop drawings.  

is there a way to convert a lisp into some form in revit? Would that be a dynamo script?


its not a super complicated lisp but I just have no idea where to start.


thanks in advance 

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Perhaps ask for a simple task and get some Dynamo source code examples hopefully some one here can help, it may be a case of making a simple starting code using the Dynamo editor , then edit  the code to suit. Dont even know if you can get to source.


As usual you have to buy it. But it does have a trial.


Maybe be better going down the .net path.

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only suggested Dynamo as seen it used in old work place, but happy to use whatever would be easier to be honest. will look into the .net path also.

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Since Revit isn't a drafting program, I don't think a LISP routine's process would directly translate at all. Dynamo is what you'll want to use, no doubt, but you'll want to first understand Revit's way of doing things and build an entirely new script that fits Revit's procedures. 


If you're making shop drawings, which discipline/industry do you make shops for? If it's the mechanical, piping or plumbing industries, you may look at the Fabrication Parts tools and extensions that are now built in. We have been using them since 2017 and it's 100% a game changer. 



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