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Publishing issues Acad 2018


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I was advised by CAD Everything to try this forum for possible help.

I have Acad 2018, I did some work for a company that uses only landscape in their drafting, I had never used the publish command before, I always pdf individually and collated manually.

this publishing is such a blessing.

one of the drafters used their base template of landscape layout but added some portrait viewports for my own personal use externally.

this is great with plotting individually, but if I try to publish these pages they all print in landscape, cropping the pages.

I was wondering if there are any guru's out there that may know a solution? it might be a simple fix and I am just a moron, but any help would be appreciated.

I have attached the template I am speaking of for reference, thank you in advance for any assistance ( default saved to 2006 for my local engineer )




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For me I do not use publish. There are a couple of ways one of the simplest is to look at a title block as the portrait would be a different title block to landscape. If you not doing different title blocks then you should use the viewport to rotate the view 90 then title is still orientated landscape. Your sample has plines so hard to check. Can do a look for a pline and check but title block is much easier.


I use lisp and do a plot layout range to pdf, but we use only 1 title block. Could do the same but check title before plotting. I have done this before for plotting all titles in modelspace so its doable.


For me the advantage is just click plot on a menu and done. There is plenty of code out there for using lisp to plot.


Using publish you would have to save the plot setup for each layout.


I would highly recommend put your title blocks in layouts at 1:1 scale and use viewport scaling of the model. Makes life much easier.


Used chspace and looks like a A3 title block.


Let us know your ideas about these comments. Also have a look at Maratovich plotting search here.


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thank you for your feedback, I will see if I can fix it tonight,

I think I know what you mean by rotating, but a little unsure with it all,


everything I draw is in 1:1 scale and it is the plotting that spits it out on A3 at 1:100, so I think that part is fine,

even with the template I uploaded, it works perfectly for me when I plot individually, but when I publsih a group, the portrait pages come out on landscape paper cropped,

that is what I have struggles trying to find a way to fix it,



again thought, will see what I can find tonight





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If you want to continue down the publish portrait landscape path you need to save the plot settings for each layout so would have 2 landscape and portrait. Once setup you can click on Name top right and select correct one.





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thank you again BIGAL,


it may be my lack of understanding with this stuff, for years I have used it but not really being tech savvy I was just a driver, not a mechanic.

I spent hours again last night trying to rectify this so I can publish in portrait or even a combo of both when required, but it still prints everything in landscape and crops my borders.

I think I will need to engage a person to create what I am after, as I am hitting dead ends.

thank you again for your assistance, good to know there are people out there happy to offer advice from experience,

kind regards




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You only need to make each correct plot settings in your DWT saving the plot settings for each type of layout using the Apply to layout button then ADD button then when all done select cancel it will remember the last setting also. You can also pull the settings out of another dwg.


Happy to look further into plotting layouts but for me not using publish. You would need to make proper title blocks to make it much easier. I am sure we can work out a fee if required.


Search here for Maratovich plotting for a off the shelf solution also it has a small fee.


plotA3Pdfrange.lspMulti GETVALS.lsp

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