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Just now, Chris James said:

Possible 2010 problem

I have a distant colleague producing a drawing for me on a recent version (2017 I think) which he then downgrades and sends to me so that I can open in 2010.  What I receive is perfect but for one thing - it contains a small sketch of a gate house surround which he first drew to one side then put into position.  What I have received is a drawing which has this gate house surround in both locations.  My colleague thinks it is a conversion issue.  I think not as I have never seen this issue previously and he and I have exchanged many drawings in the last 12 months.    If there is someone out there with a 2010 version I can have my colleague send the original drawing over to check if you are seeing what I am seeing on my 2010 version.

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If it was saved in 2010 format it should look the same on any version of Autocad. Your colleague should be able to open the converted drawing and see exactly what you're seeing. But, I don't know of any reason why this would be happening unless maybe he's not using plain Autocad? You need to find out exactly what program he's using or if he's using any third party add-ons.


Also, is your colleague positive that he moved the gate house surround into position, or did he copy it into position and maybe left the original in place and didn't delete it before sending you the file?


If you can post the drawing, we can take a look, but I don't know that we will be able to find anything wrong with the drawing.

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Maybe the file is not getting converted properly. Just doing a save as to a lower version does not convert everything to be compatible. The sender should be exporting the file so that it gets converted properly. You could test this by using Drawing TrueView (free from Autodesk) to convert the file to see if you get the same result.


If this is the only issue then why don't you just delete the errant gate house?

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