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From autocad to Revit


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Im from denmark, and my english is not the best, but i try anyway. 


I have Autocad Architecture 2010, and now i would like Revit LT 2020. 

My question is: 
Is there any way i can get my DWG-files into Revit, and stil be able to draw in it, without losing any lines from my DWG-file?


I have tried to export it to an IFC file, but its like it's just half of the project there is in it. It's like my lines and hatches are not there.
And if i can't get everything from the DWG-file to the Revit file, then it's no god. Then i will not be able to draw in my old projects. 


I hope someone can help me,  


Best regards 

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I haven't moved over to Revit for this reason. Everyone I've spoken to says it won't transfer across. They said think of it a bit like a petrol and a diesel car. From the outside they look similar but the engines are completely different and not compatible. 

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