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Hey all,


as i sit here watching ink master (seeing work is quite was going ok contract wise until last week and now a nothing period), im thinking i should be learning something new to expand my experience.


my issue is what to learn. not sure if should dive into dynamo seeing that seems to everywhere and used a fair bit here in Australia, or go learn something like advance steel, thinking i should learn something different but useful, a big chunk of my contract work is shop drawings for PT which no ones wants to do so maybe i aim for more work like this where its the dredge work of the drafting world that a company would be happy to dish out then keep internally.


oh im structural drafter also and dont feel like going outside my bubble.


any thoughts or suggestions would be great.

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Struc plus is Australian have a look at that for some ideas.


Look more at improving your Library code for your custom routines. How many routines have same code repeated,.The reason for multi getvals was input multi values with default values matching the program. Layer control for objects added to code matching a standard layers dont exist added dynamically PM for info.


Dynamic blocks like Bolt.


Write the list "I want ....." post here never know who has what.


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